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Teen XXX Sex - Lovely teen Priscila Gold had a sultry look that just couldn’t be hidden…

Lovely teen Priscila Gold had a sultry look that just couldn’t be hidden. It was obvious she loved sex and big cock. With a little coaxing and the promise of some extra cash, this horny blonde teen let this big cock stud pound her sweet pink pussy. He buried every inch of his throbbing fuck [...]

Gracie Glam Gets Caught

August 12th, 2009
Teen XXX Sex - Gracie Glam Gets Caught

Hey boys, my name is Gracie Glam. I’m one of the teen coeds at Innocent High. One of the other girls has been picking on me a lot, so I decided to bring in a toy guy to scare her. It was a really stupid thing to do, but it turned into one day at [...]

First Day At Innocent High

August 9th, 2009
Teen XXX Sex - First Day At Innocent High

Check out these photos from my first day of work at Innocent High. My brother is the district superintendent and got me a job at Innocent High after I was laid off earlier this year. I really wasn’t sure what to expect and I definitely didn’t expect my first day would be like this. I’m [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Naughty Cheerleader Barbie Love

After last night’s football game, I got several phone calls from concerned parents about one of the cheerleaders Barbie Love. It seems that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her uniform. Today, I called her into my office to investigate. I pulled up her skirt and sure enough, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The rule [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Dirty brunette college girl lesbians kissing and toying their tiny choppers

Maria and Kayla are double
best friends who happen to be lesbos
and they just cannot keep their hands off each other. Last weekend Kayla invited Maria to sleep over at her place but the chicks slept only an hour. Because the horny lesbian chicks spent the rest of the night humping each other, [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Busty Blonde Trouble Maker Carmen

Today, we caught this busty blonde student named Carmen playing games outside of the window, distracting other students while they were supposed to be listening to their teacher. When I confronted her, she tried to act all innocent, saying it wasn’t here, but a number of teachers and students identified her. And it’s not like [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Lana Violet Caught Wet Handed

I was walking through the Innocent High hallway, digging through my purse looking for something, when I accidentally knocked my vibrator out and on to the floor. At first I thought that no one had seen me, but then I noticed Mr. Pockerpoon watching me. I knew I had been caught. I tried to play [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Jesse Jorden And Her Teacher

I was walking through the hallway after school yesterday when I noticed Mr. Pokerpoon checking me out. I tried to walk all sexy, but of course at that exact second, I tripped over something and fell down to the ground. It felt like I twisted my ankle! I was so embarrassed, but he was really [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Emily Pays For Her Senior Prank

Most of the senior pranks at Innocent High are pretty harmless, however, when I saw Emily walking away from the back of the school with a spray can in her hands, I knew that something was up. She claimed it was for a science project, but when we walked back to the other side of [...]

Teen XXX Sex - Kara Novak Caught Trying To Steal A Car

Hey guys, my name is Kara Novak and I got in big trouble today at school. I was sent to Principal Fitzergood’s office because I was caught cheating on a test. But he wasn’t there when I got there, but his car keys were. He has this really cool convertible and I couldn’t resist heading [...]

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