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Sara’s parents had forbidden her to date while she was still living with them but Sara just couldn’t help herself because she was always horny for cock. Sara managed to keep her boyfriend a secret by leaving school during lunch every day so that she could drop by his apartment for a quick lunchtime quickie! Sara was eighteen but her boyfriend was twenty and he had an apartment of his own that made lunchtime fuckfests so much fun! Every day at lunch Sara would run down to Thom’s apartment and strip completely naked and wait for him on his couch.


When Thom got home from work for lunch he’d come straight in to the house, shut the door and drop to his knees burying his face in her warm wet snatch. Sliding his tongue over her thick clit he watched her face as she bit her lip and slowly rode his face. As she got wetter Thom darted his tongue inside her wet slit as far as he could reach and watched her as she grabbed and teased her tits. The closer she got to cumming the faster she fucked his face with her pussy.

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